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The time it takes us to fill an order depends upon the items included in the order. On every product page in our online shop we have indicated the normal fulfillment time for the items shown.

Not all items are shipped from the same location. For example, t-shirts, mugs, and most hoodies are shipped from fulfillment centers in North Carolina and California. A few items (mostly hoodies with stitched or flock designs) are shipped from Tennessee. 

The shipping service you choose at the time you place your order will be used to ship your products, and we send you an email containing the tracking number assigned to your package(s).


When an item is shipped internationally it must be processed through the customs office of the destination country. Some countries will impose an import duty or tax on merchandise shipped into the country, and these charges are normally collected from the customer by the national postal service upon delivery. Additionally, some countries (such as Canada) sometimes impose an additional charge to compensate the postal service for collecting duties and taxes. 

Payment of all customs and import duties, tariffs and fees imposed by the destination country is the responsibility of the customer. We have no way to calculate (or even know about) such duties and fees, so we are unable to predict when, if or in what amount such charges may be made.

We must comply with all USPS regulations. This means that we attach properly completed customs declaration form to every package shipped to an international customer. Please do not ask us to falsify the customs declaration by identifying the package contents as anything other than merchandise. We cannot do that.