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Brooklyn UBERYOKEL™ Ringer T-Shirt

UberYokel– One who has achieved the maximum level of coolness, uberosity and public status within a particular geographic location. Essentially, BMOC, like us.

Brooklyn UBERYOKEL™ Ringer T-Shirt
Name: Brooklyn UBERYOKEL™ Ringer T-Shirt
Your Price: $19.95

So, why do you want to buy this shirt? You've reached the pinnacle of Brooklyness. You deserve to have your status as an Uber Brooklynite recognized. Nobody's gonna put the word out for you, so you must rely on self-promotion. *This shirt is only available to those who are deep down steeped in the dirt of Brooklyn. No pretenders.

100% cotton. Imported. Decorated in the United States.



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