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Earth Friendly FashionThe business of decorating garments has traditionally been carried on in plants loaded with toxic chemicals. From screenprinting inks to industrial cleaning solvents the traditional decorating plant would rank pretty high on the list of places you would want to avoid. Here's what we've done to make our production facility a better place to be:


The majority of screenprinted items we produce are printed with non-toxic waterbased ink. In addition to being a "greener" way to print, this printing method has the additional benefit of producing great looking prints that are soft and comfortable to wear.


T-shirts printed with discharge dye have become the fashion rage during the past couple of years. These prints are very soft to the hand because they do not involve any significant ink deposits at all—just a little colored pigment. They are also popular because the designs are virtually permanent and do not wash out of the garment. The problem has been, however, that discharge printing has traditionally involved the use of toxic chemicals, as well as chemicals that smell really bad! We mean really bad...as in sulphur and formaldahyde bad!

We have invested a great deal of research into finding better alternatives for producing quality discharge prints, and our efforts have paid off. We are printing some of the best discharge designs you have ever seen, and we're doing it without the toxicity and without the odor. Our "green" techniques make printing discharge designs as pleasant and environmentally friendly as our other waterbased inks.


While we still print quite a number of garments (about 25% of our products) using traditional plastisol inks, we now utilize pthalate-free and PVC-free plastisol inks.


Printing garments is a messy business. Although we haven't yet found a way to get around cleaning up the inky mess, we have found ways to do it with biodegradable solutions rather than the toxic solvents. In fact, we're pleased to say, we use soy-based products exclusively. They're clean, green and smell good too.


The truth is that we all live in a polluted and toxic environment. It doesn't matter how it got that way or who is to blame for it. What matters are the steps we take to do something about it. At Local Yokel® we're doing what we know how to do now and looking for ways to do it better.

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