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The folks here at Local Yokel® have been screenprinting, sewing, embroidering and otherwise fixing up top drawer clothes for a very long time -- decades and decades, in fact. We were doing it in the '60s, the '70s and at all points in between. We think we do it very well, and our customers are the proof of it.

Recently, we started selling things other than clothing. In short, whenever we find something that we think is extraordinary - stuff we like a lot ourselves - we buy a bunch of it and put it in the store. If we like it so much, we think our customers will too.

Here is a sampling of the many emails, phone calls and other communications we have gotten recently from Local Yokel® fans throughout this country and abroad (that means foreign countries):

"I bought a Brooklyn hoodie from your shop a couple of weeks ago. I can't tell you how pleased I was when it came in the mail. The stitching is absolutely great! It looks like it is going to last a very long time." — N the Musician, PA
"Last week I ordered some of the Dirty Hippie soap. I wasn't alive back in the '60s, but if this scent was around back then it is now a lost treasure!" — Billie P., Austin, TX
"Got my order today. Couldn't be more pleased with your service or product (several t-shirts). I'll be back for Christmas shopping." – Bernie, Atlanta, GA
"I've been looking for a Flatbush hoodie for a couple of years until I found one at Local Yokel.  I was afraid it was going to have those iron on letters but everything was sewn on. It's great. If I was going to make a hoodie (like I know how) this is what it would look like."  — Kathleen, Sacramento, CA
"Thanks for all the Cuban tees. It is really hard to find anything that has any quality if you live outside Miami. Your shirts, though, are better than any I ever bought in Miami." — Johnny, Los Angeles, CA

Stay tuned...we've got a lot more to come.

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